gae-init is the easiest way to kick start new web applications on Google App Engine, with everything that you need to start working on your next big thing right away!

If you have some experience already building web applications, you are aware of the fact that there are some common tasks you have to do before you get started. You have to set up a project with a file structure, grab the latest libraries, copy usefull code snippets from old projects, or rewrite them, setup a sign in mechanism and other repeated boring stuff.

This project solves exactly that problem. It comes with the most common stuff that you need in order to create a modern web application. No more wasted time on dealing with tools and configurations. You can start working on your next big thing, right away!

gae-init is always up to date with the latest libraries and following the best programming practices. Do you like it clean? We love it! We religiously follow coding conventions for clarity and consistency. Check out the full feature list, experiment with the tutorial or simply fork it and get started.

I'm Lipis and I'm the guy behind this project. Yes I've finished the Getting Started Tutorial and after that I've read most of the manual. This project wouldn't be here without my old fellas, Mr. Tim and Mr. Chris that contributed with ideas, code, RedBulls, other stuff and the pretty awesome logo that was made by another good fella, Mr. Kostas. Also special thanks goes to gmist, joernhees, mdxs and stefanlindmark for contributing with their time, code and ideas.