This quickstart shows you how to create an App Engine application with the help of gae-init.

Before starting this project, make sure you have all the requirements.

If you are using the Cloud Shell all the requirements are met, so you can just go to the next step.

  1. Clone the gae-init sample app to your local machine (from the GitHub repository):

    git clone https://github.com/gae-init/gae-init.git hello

  2. Go into the directory that now contains the sample app code:

    cd hello

  3. Install the third party dependencies:

    npm install

Alternatively, you can download the project as a zip file and extract it into a directory named hello.

Test the application on your local machine.

  1. Start a console and change into the hello sample app directory:

    cd hello

  2. Start the sample app web server with the following command:


    The web server is now running, listening for requests on port 8080.

  3. Visit http://localhost:3000/ in your web browser to see the app in action.

For more information about the supported commands run gulp help.

You can leave the web server running while you develop your application. The web server watches for changes in your source files and reloads them if necessary. Try for example:

  1. Leave the web server running (in a console window).

  2. Go to and keep http://localhost:3000/ loaded in your browser.

  3. Edit main/templates/welcome.html and change Hello, world! to something else.

  4. When you save, you should see the change automatically reloading in the browser.

Deploy your app to App Engine, so that anyone can access your app in the cloud. You will need to register a project and obtain the Project ID, as this will determine the web address for the app.

  1. In the Cloud Platform Console, go to the Projects page and select or create a new project.

  2. Note the Project ID of that project.

  3. Deploy your application to App Engine, using the above Project ID as an argument:

    gulp deploy --project=<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>

  4. When finished, your app will be ready to serve traffic at https://<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>.appspot.com/

You have completed this quickstart.

The full URL for your application is https://<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>.appspot.com/. Optionally, you can purchase and use a top-level domain name for your app, or use one that you have already registered.

To avoid incurring charges to your Google Cloud Platform account for the resources used in this quickstart:

  1. Go to the Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Click the trash can icon next to the project you want to shut down: this schedules the project for deletion.