Why do I need Node.js?

To install some 3rd party dependences like compiling, minifying and more. Don't worry, they are all installed inside the project's directory.

Why Gulp?

Because if you are web developer you either have it already or you might have Grunt. Well we tried both and it looks like Gulp is faster and more efficient.

Why Less?

Because it rocks!

Can I use CSS instead of Less?


Can I use SASS instead of Less or CSS?

Yes, it will require some work, but is very doable.

It rocks, but I still don't get it. Can you help me?

There are plenty of things you can do before asking for help. Start with the quickstart and the tutorial. You can continue with the how to and if you still have questions file an issue on GitHub or use the feedback form or if it's something more general StackOverflow is your friend.